Chesterfield Challenge Course

About the Challenge Course

The Chesterfield County Challenge course is a ropes course with a graduated series of events for individuals and groups that can:

  • Boost confidence by emphasizing problem solving, team work and communication
  • Foster positive attitudes, self-discovery and trust
  • Present physical, psychological and social challenges
  • Test and stretch personal limits

No prior skills, experience or knowledge is required to participate.

Our trained facilitators follow the principle of “Challenge by Choice." Participants are encouraged to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and into their learning zone, but it will always be up to the participant to choose how far they go.


Currently the challenge course can meet the needs of a variety of groups such as:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Classroom retreats
  • Management teams
  • Family Reunions
  • Scout troops
  • Sports teams
  • Staff training seminars
  • Teacher training

Programs Options & Fees

We offer two program options:

  • Action-packed half day
  • Full day with lunch break

Fees are based on the number of people in the group and number of staff needed to run the group.

As a County parks and recreation program we are committed to equal access regardless of budget. Let us custom design a program for you!

Games & Initiatives

  • Designed to travel to you while still incorporating the important components of learning and development
  • Enhance teamwork and problem-solving strategies
  • Increase enthusiasm to participate, break the ice among members and stimulate creative thinking
  • No higher than two-feet off the ground - can be outside or inside

Low BeamLow Course

  • Build individual’s confidence and group skills at problem solving, communicating and trusting
  • Elements are no more than several feet above the ground

Person on High WIreHigh Individual Elements

  • Requires a roped safety system (belay system) that allows an individual to work on self-esteem in a supportive group atmosphere

High TeamHigh Team Elements

  • Belayed elements that require two or more individuals to complete
  • Focus is on assisting your partner or teammates