Traffic Safety Complaints

To make speeding or traffic safety complaints in Chesterfield County, residents can call the Chesterfield County Police Department's Traffic Hotline at 804-318-8084 or email the Traffic Hotline.

To avoid confusion, please do not submit the same concern using both methods listed.


The Traffic Hotline/email is for non-emergency complaints only. It may be several hours or days before your complaint reaches an officer for investigation.


Residents should call 911 in any situation that requires immediate attention or poses immediate danger to motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists. To make a police report, residents should call 804-748-1251 or 804-748-1269.

Needed Information

When you call or email, please provide the following:

  • Your name and phone number
  • A description of the problem (speeding, disregarding traffic signs, etc.)
  • The location of the problem, including block numbers and specific street names or cross streets
  • When the problem is occurring, including specific days and times

Speeding complaints sometimes deal with specific residents who consistently speed in the neighborhood. In such instances, please include a detailed description of the vehicle and driver and the license plate number.

The information will be reviewed and shared with both the Traffic Section and the appropriate district police station and beat officers.