External Training

External Training and Training Facilities

Chesterfield Police offers a variety of trainings for public safety employees at several training facilities. For questions about any course, please email the Training Academy.

Visiting the Eanes-Pittman Public Safety Training Center

The Chesterfield County Police Academy is located in the Eanes-Pittman Public Safety Training Center. While in the building, all officers, instructors and guests are asked to abide by the building policies as follows:


Appropriate attire for sworn employees of the Chesterfield County Police Department while at the Police Academy is defined as:

  • Duty uniform
  • Utility uniform
  • Business attire if typically worn in current assignment

Civilians and sworn employees of other agencies may wear business casual attire. Jeans, shorts and/or tennis shoes are not acceptable. Law Enforcement officers may carry their duty weapon. If a different type of attire is required due to the nature of the subject being taught, students will be notified either by the training staff prior to the start of instruction, or by the instructor on the first day of class.


Chesterfield County Police Department personnel not in a duty uniform will display their Department issued ID/access card. Members of other law enforcement agencies must display either an ID card/credentials or a badge.

Building Policies

The Eanes-Pittman Public Safety Training Center is a nonsmoking facility. Individuals who wish to smoke may obtain a key card from the front desk in the academy office, which will allow them access to the area outside of the lounge where they may smoke/vape. Please do not prop the door open as this will sound the alarm.

The side door to the police wing of the academy will remain locked unless directed by the Training Staff supervision. The door may be accessed by individuals who have a county police ID badge. This door is not to be propped open for any reason. The alarm will sound if held open longer than 30 seconds.

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