Alternative Programs

The Home Incarceration Program is a non-residential alternative to the detention home for juveniles charged with criminal offenses.

Guidelines for Placement

Upon completion of a detention hearing or court appearance, the judge may recommend a juvenile for the Home Incarceration Program.  To be accepted on the Home Incarceration Program a juvenile must meet the following criteria:

  • Must reside in Chesterfield County or the City of Colonial Heights
  • Must not be charged with a violent juvenile felony
  • Must be willing to abide by Home Incarceration Program rules


  • House Arrest – House arrest is a program of the 12th District Court Services Unit (Juvenile Probation) where the court releases juveniles to the custody of their parents/guardians. Home Incarceration Officers provide supervision for the Court Services Unit by making routine, unannounced face-to-face contacts with juveniles.
  • Electronic Monitoring – Juveniles are released by the court to the custody of their parents/guardians with a GPS ankle monitor used to monitor their precise location at all times. Home Incarceration Officers provide additional supervision by making routine, unannounced face-to-face contacts with juveniles.
  • Diversion Outreach (P.O. Sanctioned House Restriction) – Same as House Arrest, however referral is not sent by a judge but rather by a juvenile’s probation officer to divert the juvenile from court.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Program Administrator for Detention Alternatives at 804-706-2937.