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Education Services

Chesterfield Detention Home School

  • Housed within the secure confines of the detention home.
  • Funded by the Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs.
  • All faculty and staff are Chesterfield County Public School employees.
  • Instruction is guided by the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and follows Chesterfield County Public Schools curriculum and pacing guides.
  • Students are enrolled in the Detention Home education program on their first day of attendance; home schools are advised to withdraw students from home school.
  • Upon release, educational transfer summaries are sent to home school.
  • Strong reading program with extensive library.
  • Field-trip-in-reverse program brings in various speakers and programs to enrich the cultural perspectives of students.
  • Services are provided for students with special education needs, English language learners, gifted/honors programs, general education diplomas (GED).
  • Workforce certifications are available to complete.

Letter From School Principal

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Frequently Asked Questions

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More Information

For more information, please contact the Detention Home School by calling 804-706-2160.