Information for Parents

The Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home (CJDH) is a secure facility for holding juveniles until their next court hearing, until they have received the judge’s final ruling or as the judge’s final sentence.

  1. Detention Process and Services
  2. Facility Living
  3. Visitation and Correspondence

Detention Process and Services

Detention Home Expectations

  • Residents will always be treated fairly and with respect.
  • Residents will be held accountable for their behavior, both positive and negative.
    • Positive behavior (i.e. following the rules and participating in the program) will result in residents earning extra privileges and freedoms.
    • Negative behavior (i.e. not following the rules or failure to participate) will result in a loss of privileges.
  • Negative behaviors, to include damage to or destruction of detention home property or assault on staff or other residents, may result in additional charges.

Intake Process

  • A juvenile will be searched, instructed to shower, issued detention home clothing, personal hygiene items and assigned to a housing unit and room.
  • All personal items, including clothing, will be inventoried and safely stored.
  • A staff member will interview the resident to obtain important information and call the parents / legal guardians to advise them of the resident’s placement in detention and address any questions.
  • Parents / legal guardians will have a brief opportunity to speak with their child.

Release Process

  • Residents may only be released from CJDH with a court order.
  • At the time of release, please bring proper identification and be prepared to sign paperwork.
  • To protect the confidentiality of other residents, no cell phones will be allowed in the intake vestibule/intake area.
  • Only children 12 years old and under will be permitted in the intake vestibule/intake area with a parent/guardian.

Medical Services

Residents will receive medical services while detained at CJDH. Please see Medical Services for more information.

Mental Health Services

Mental health / counseling services are available for residents while detained at CJDH. Please see Mental Health Services for more information.

Religious Services

Religious activities are offered regularly and participation is strictly voluntary. Parents or an assigned probation officer may make special arrangements for individual, religious counseling. Please see Visitation for more information.