Revitalize Our Communities Committee (ROCC)

The Revitalize Our Communities Committee (ROCC) is a volunteer citizens committee seeking to maintain and improve existing communities countywide. The committee is composed of representatives of business associations, real estate professionals, homeowner associations, community associations, places of worship and citizen leaders and seeks to provide tools that empower communities to sustain, revitalize and advocate for neighborhood needs. For additional information or to request an application, please email ROCC. Find out more by visiting us on Facebook.


ROCC is currently accepting applications from members of the community who have experience with neighborhood organizations and have the skills necessary to make a positive contribution. Members of ROCC are appointed for a four-year term and are required to attend and participate in monthly meetings (held the first Thursday of each month), serve on subcommittees to accomplish program goals, and occasionally attend special community events. With the recommendation of ROCC, appointment to the committee is made by Citizen Information and Resources.

Revitalization Resources

  1. Be the Good Guide Series
  2. Community Revitalization Toolkit
  3. Neighborhood Watch
  4. Planting Trees and Natural Fencing
  5. Rehabilitation of Residential Properties

Be the Good Guide Series

The Be the Good Guides provide gentle reminders to help make Chesterfield neighborhoods great places to live.