Public Comments

Provide Comments Online for Board Meetings

Chesterfield County encourages citizens to provide comments online. Remaining consistent with the Board of Supervisors’ rules and procedures, each citizen has the opportunity to provide a comment, not to exceed 400 words, which is comparable to speaking for three minutes during the citizen comment period for unscheduled matters. Comments are subject to the same rules as during the spoken citizen comment period. Only one entry per citizen will be accepted during this comment period on unscheduled matters. Citizen comments may be viewed on the Agendas and Minutes page. 

The Citizen Comment Portal opens Thursday afternoon the week before the Board meeting and closes at 5 p.m. the Tuesday before the Board meeting. View the meeting schedule. Please see the Board’s rules of procedure for more information on public hearings and citizen comment periods.

Opportunities for Public Comment

Each Board of Supervisors regular meeting has three public comment periods:

  1. At the end of the afternoon work session
  2. At the 6 p.m. session following recognitions and new business
  3. At the end of the 6 p.m. session following public hearings

Rules for Speaking During Public Comment Periods

  • Each speaker is limited to three minutes and each public comment period is limited to 15 minutes.
  • Each person may only speak once per meeting during the public comment periods.
  • Comments must be germane to county services or policies.
  • Persons desiring to speak shall sign up prior to the meeting by contacting the Clerk to Board of Supervisors at 804-748-1200, email Sara Hall or online form (please see above). If spaces remain, their will be a sign-up sheet at the meeting prior to the afternoon or evening session.
  • The Clerk will read the names and comments will be given in the order of the sign-up sheet.

Persons speaking before the Board will not be allowed to:

  • Campaign for public office
  • Promote private business ventures
  • Use profanity or vulgar language
  • Address pending litigation or matters to be addressed at that meeting
  • Speakers may not yield time to other speakers
  • Speakers may not comment on any matter of business that is a subject on the Board’s agenda for that day