Elected Officials

Circuit Court Clerk - Amanda L. Pohl

The Circuit Court Clerk is charged with more than 800 statutory responsibilities. The Clerk provides case-related information to public safety agencies as well as a variety of state and local entities. The Clerk’s responsibilities extend well beyond judicial-related business to non-judicial and fiscal activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, serving as Probate Judge, Register of Deeds, Marriage Registrant / Licensing Agent, and Fiscal Officer over a myriad of state and local collections. Visit the Circuit Court Clerk Page.

Commissioner of the Revenue - Jenefer Hughes

Responsible for assessing the tangible personal property tax, business tangible personal property tax, machinery and tools tax, business license tax, short-term rental tax, transient occupancy tax, public service corporation tax, and bank franchise tax. Also processes state income tax returns and administers the real estate tax relief for the elderly / disabled program. Visit the Commissioner of the Revenue page.

Commonwealth's Attorney - Erin B. Barr

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecution of all felony and certain misdemeanor offenses which occur within the jurisdiction of Chesterfield County. Visit the Commonwealth’s Attorney page.

James River Soil and Water Conservation District - Carey Lynn Allen and Laura Lee Thompson

The James River Soil and Water Conservation District is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, organized under the law to protect and improve soil and water resources. The Public elects two directors from each County (Chesterfield and Prince George), and two positions are appointed, each serving a four-year term. The Board of Directors is comprised of six citizens from Chesterfield and Prince George counties. To learn more, visit the James River Soil and Water Conservation District page.

Sheriff - Karl S. Leonard

Committed to promote pride and respect for the judicial system through the service of civil process, a safe environment to conduct court proceedings, and the safe and secure detention of those persons entrusted to the Sheriff’s custody. Visit the Sheriff’s Office page.

Treasurer - Rebecca R. Longnaker, CPA

Responsible for billing and collecting local taxes; serving as the chief investment officer for Chesterfield County, administrator of banking services, registrar on bonded indebtedness, and statutory supervisor of Unclaimed Property. Our mission is ensuring fiscal integrity and providing world class customer service through excellence in treasury management. Visit the Treasurer department page.