Secure Shopping

While online shopping is convenient and time-saving, shop smart and take precautions to mitigate the risks.

Protect Yourself & Shop Smart

Some helpful tips to follow for a safe online shopping experience include:

  • Enhance the security of your computer by:
    • Installing a firewall
    • Installing most current anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Use strong passwords by:
    • Using at least eight characters, with numbers, special characters, and upper and lower-case letters
    • Not using the same passwords for online shopping websites that you use for logging onto your computer
    • Never sharing your login and/or password
  • Guard the security of your transaction including:
    • When submitting your purchase information, look for the "lock" icon on the browser's status bar
    • Be sure “https” or “shttp” appears in the website’s address bar. The "s" stands for "secure”
  • Don't email your financial information because:
    • Clear-text emails are not a secure method of transmitting financial information such as your credit card, checking account, or Social Security numbers
  • Limit your online shopping to merchants you know and trust, and:
    • If you have questions about a merchant, verify it with the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission