Information Needed When Filing

  • A picture ID
    • driver’s license or
    • work identification tag
    • military ID
  • The name and address (not a P.O. box) of the person from whom you are seeking protection
  • A full description of the event that led you to seek a protective order
  • You should bring any adult witness to the abusive event
  • You are discouraged from bringing young children with you to court
    • If you must bring children, please bring an adult to supervise the child while you are in the courtroom
  • Avoid bringing anyone who may cause a disturbance during your visit to the Courthouse
  • If you used the I-CAN system, bring the Affidavit with you

NOTE: You will need this same information for the full hearing, that will be scheduled if a Preliminary Protective Order is issued. You will be asked to testify at the full hearing about the event that made you want to seek protection.

  • Bring as much identifying and contact information as possible about the person from whom you are seeking protection. Please try to provide the following
    • name, nicknames, aliases;
    • date of birth;
    • home, work, cell phone and pager numbers;
    • addresses for home, work, friends, relatives, and places frequented;
    • age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, distinguishing marks;
    • social security number
    • tendencies toward violence
    • ownership or possession of weapons, especially firearms
    • existence of a concealed weapons permit
    • a history or presence of drug or alcohol abuse, or mental illness and
    • a recent photograph of that person
    • A copy of an Emergency Protective Order if one was issued
    • Any photographs, police reports, or medical records related to the event that led to the petition for a Family Abuse Protective Order
    • Copies of any other existing court orders involving BOTH you and the other person
    • If possible, birth certificates and social security numbers for children for whom you may be seeking protection

NOTE: This information is essential because the Sheriff must be able to find this person for the Protective Order to take effect.