Current Report

Current Report Phase

Step 2: Environmental Scan (near completion)

Note: The proposed DRAFT report title and vision statement were approved by the Committee on February 8, 2021. Due to the ongoing and progressive nature of the Committee's work, the title and vision statement are subject to change; however, it is a goal of the Committee to be collaborative, dynamic, and transparent, and so updates will be provided as efforts progress.  

Draft Report Title:

Adapting to Rapid Disruptions via Emerging Technologies

Draft Report Vision Statement:

The Committee on the Future envisions a report about Chesterfield County as a community positioned to address rapid societal, environmental or economic disruptions utilizing leading-edge technology to ensure public services (governmental and educational) are adjusted, maintained and enhanced for all residents. The ability of a community to pivot in providing public services can be challenged by the limitations of technology. The report will provide strategies and suggestions for utilizing leading-edge technology to ensure all residents and businesses in Chesterfield County are able to equitably participate in these services in times of disruption. 

To support this vision, the COTF will suggest the following focused areas: 

  • A shared services model focused on collaboration among the government and schools that leverages the skills and resources of each; 
  • A framework for partnerships that supports consumer centered approaches to services, with connectivity available for all in Chesterfield County, and spaces to support a safe place to build civic and community engagement; and 
  • An emerging technology philosophy that identifies opportunities for use of leading-edge technologies across government and schools, driving innovation in services and developing best practices.

With questions or input  regarding the current report topic, please contact Committee of the Future.