Youth Engagement

Engaging County Youth and Families

Youth Engagement provides resource information for county youth and families and leads collaborative initiatives that engage the community in promoting the safety, well-being and success of Chesterfield County youth.

Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was formed in 1978 by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors. The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is to advise the Board of Supervisors regarding issues relating to youth and to provide opportunities for community input on youth issues in Chesterfield County.

Community Engagement

Youth Engagement convenes teams of stakeholders to support cooperation and community involvement in focusing on youth-related issues, including the Juvenile Justice Collaborative, Partnership for Youth, Positive Parenting Coalition, RVA Basics Steering Committee and School Readiness Coalition, and actively pursues partnerships with community organizations to meet youth needs, including Chesterfield Communities In Schools, Cooperative Extension - 4-H Youth Development and United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg.

Family and Youth Resources

View positive parenting information, parenting education and prevention programs information and family and teen resources.

Recognition of County Youth

County youth are recognized for their accomplishments and community service through the Future Community Leader Certificate (FCLC) and Chesterfield Community Champions (CCC). In partnership with Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS), county government departments host the model county government program, which allows students to learn more about how local governments function and attend a Board of Supervisors meeting.

Future Community Leaders Certificate

The Future Community Leaders Certificate (FCLC) provides Chesterfield County high school students with the opportunity to learn about their local government, interact with government officials and engage in volunteerism to support the community. This certificate is a three-step process that includes a Chesterfield 101 session, attending a Board of Supervisors meeting and completing 25 hours of community service. If you are interested in the FCLC program, complete the FCLC application.

Chesterfield 101 Session

Chesterfield County 101 sessions are a one and a half hour program that will educate students on the basics of county government including, but not limited to:

  • Board of Supervisors and their positions
  • Budget
  • County districts
  • Departments and positions/careers within the county
  • How government impacts residents (including teens)
  • How to get involved