Safety Planning

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan. It includes

  • Different scenarios tailored to an individual’s unique situation
  • Ways to remain safe:
    • While in an abusive or unhealthy relationship
    • When planning to leave
    • After you leave

It’s important to remember that in moments of crisis, the brain doesn’t function the same as it does during calm times. Advance preparation of a safety plan can increase an individual’s welfare during high-risk encounters. See how to create a personalized safety plan (PDF).

  1. Explosive Incidents
  2. Living with an Abusive Partner
  3. On the Job & In Public
  4. Children
  5. Preparing to Leave

Explosive Incidents

Do the following to help yourself remain safe during an explosive incident:

  • Remain in an area that has access to exits, if the argument is unavoidable.
  • Make yourself a small target, protecting arms and face, if violence is unavoidable.
  • Don’t run to the children’s location, as they can also be hurt.