Internship Program

Each summer, the Department of Human Resources sponsors the Chesterfield County college summer internship program to provide students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and a realistic preview of what it is like to work in local government. The county is committed to administering a successful, efficient and inclusive program that will allow interns to make a positive contribution to the community while gaining valuable work experience in their field of study. During the 10-week program, interns will:

  • Experience networking and professional development opportunities.
  • Gain professional experience in their assigned county department.
  • Learn about the mission and vision of Chesterfield County.

Watch Us in Action

View the video of the 2019 intern class discussing their experience.

To apply, view “Career Opportunities.”  Internship Opportunities will be found on the Careers page.

  1. Program Overview
  2. Application Process

Program Eligibility

To be considered for the Internship Program, students must be enrolled as current undergraduate or graduate students, and have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.8. Students participating in the Internship Program must exhibit a genuine interest in learning about public administration and be committed to public service.

Program Dates

The 10-week internship program will be held from May 31, 2022 to August 4, 2022

Contact Information

For more information about internship opportunities with Chesterfield County, please contact:

Human Resources
Internship Coordinator
P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, VA 23832
Email Human Resources