Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Diversity Mission and Vision for the Work Environment and Workforce 

Chesterfield County's diversity mission is to provide a work environment that promotes and values the rich cultures and varied backgrounds of all employees. View Chesterfield County's Diversity Plan (PDF), including Equal Opportunity Initiatives.

Chesterfield County's diversity vision for the workforce is to be reflective of the rich cultures and varied backgrounds within Chesterfield County and provide quality services in a culturally sensitive manner to all citizens and employees. Each employee will make a commitment to awareness, acceptance, and recognition of the value of diversity. Subsequently, we will attract and retain a diverse workforce, making Chesterfield County the Employer of Choice. Appreciation for diversity will be embraced and, in turn, strengthen our community.

County Administration's Commitment

Dear county employees and citizens:

Dr. Joseph P. Casey portraitAs County Administrator, allow me to reaffirm that it is the policy of Chesterfield County to provide equal opportunities to all employees and citizens without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or political affiliation.

Our commitment to equal opportunity is longstanding. The county will actively promote equal employment opportunity for all persons in our workforce and ensure that there are no real or artificial barriers that may limit opportunities. In standing with our reputation for excellence we want to be viewed as a model workplace where everyone has an equal opportunity to be included and to make a difference.

In addition, I am committed to using equal opportunity to recruit and maintain a workforce reflecting the diversity of our great county. The entire workforce benefits when we recognize and utilize the unique qualities employees of different backgrounds and cultures bring to the workplace. All county managers are expected to embrace the responsibility of nurturing and capitalizing on the very best that each employee has to offer. This is important to our mission of providing a First Choice community for all Chesterfield County citizens.

We are no different than other private and public employers in trying to recruit and retain a high performing workforce. We take seriously the need to be competitive, strategic and innovative to ensure that all possible candidates are aware of our career opportunities and related quality of life and the benefits of working for Chesterfield County.

One of the county's guiding principles states that: “county employees and citizens are shareholders in our progress and serve as trustees for those values held dear: fairness, integrity, diversity and harmony, lifelong learning, appreciation of history and culture, and steadfastness in long range commitments.” As a result of a better understanding and a greater appreciation of others, our employees will have a greater capacity to work together for our common goal of providing quality service to our customers.

Dr. Joseph P. Casey,
County Administrator

Inclusion Starts With Us

View this video welcome and thank you from Dr. Casey.