Community Preparedness

  1. Emergency Shelters
  2. Animals in Disasters
  3. Residents with Special Needs

Should an emergency shelter be opened, information will be broadcast over Chesterfield Alert, county social media accounts and local media reports.

If you evacuate to a shelter, please plan accordingly by bringing the items below.

Items to Bring with You

  • A list of allergies, medical conditions and medications currently taking
  • At least a three- to five-day supply of medications
  • Change of clothing and footwear
  • Comfort items such as a special blanket, pillow, etc.
  • Contact lenses or an extra pair of glasses
  • Personal entertainment, such as:
    • Books
    • Cards
    • Handheld video games with extra batteries
  • Sanitation supplies including:
    • Personal hygiene supplies
    • Plastic garbage bags
    • Soap
    • Toilet paper
  • Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members such as:
    • Baby food, walkers
    • Canes
    • Disposable diapers
    • Familiar comfort items