Legislative Program

Advocacy and Legislative Priorities

The intergovernmental relations administrator serves as the primary advocate with the U.S. Congress and federal agencies and the Virginia General Assembly, Governor’s Office and state agencies on behalf of Chesterfield County. Contact Natalie Spillman by email or phone at 804-748-1370 regarding Chesterfield’s legislative priorities.

Legislative Delegation



Find Your Legislator

Determine who represents you and get contact information for members of the General Assembly and Congress at Who's My Legislator.

2020 Census, Virginia Redistricting

The Supreme Court of Virginia (SCV) completed redistricting in December 2021. Chesterfield County is now in the 1st and 4th Congressional Districts. The new district maps will take effect for the November 2023 general election.

For more information, view the redistricting final order approved by the Supreme Court of Virginia (PDF) and the following maps:

Visit VPAP.org to see how the new maps impact you and view other redistricting resources.

2023 General Assembly

Follow legislation at the 2023 General Assembly.

Chesterfield's 2023 Legislative Program

View the 2023 Legislative Program (PDF).

Chesterfield's Guiding Principles

  • Maintain quality education and public safety
  • Provide quality of life consistent with community expectations
  • Maintain local autonomy
  • Blueprint Chesterfield's Strategic Framework
    • Everyday Excellence
    • Safe and Secure Community
    • Robust Economy
    • Healthy Living and Well-being
    • Thriving Communities
    • Learning for a Lifetime

Legislative Priorities

  • K-12 Education
  • Local Authority
  • Transportation Funding
  • Unfunded Mandates/Cost Shifts