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Construction Document Requirements

When a Registered Design Professional (RDP) is Required

When a permit is necessary, building plans may be required to be submitted in accordance with the applicable project checklist. The drawings must be prepared by a Commonwealth of Virginia licensed design professional, also known as Registered Design Professional (RDP), if required by the Chesterfield County policy. In addition, the project must comply with the current building code and the local design criteria. The site plan approval process may be required based on the land disturbance activity.

Please refer to the architect or engineer sealed drawings requirement (PDF) for a quick reference to the Code of Virginia to determine if an A/E or RDP seal on drawings is required for the proposed construction.

Construction documents for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that are not required to be prepared by a registered design professional must be prepared by a licensed master electrician, plumber or mechanical worker, or a licensed Class A contractor with an associated electrical, plumbing or mechanical specialty designation.