JDR Court Safety and Security

All persons required to appear before the juvenile and domestic relations district court: 

  • Should arrive at the time and place stated on the petition, summons, bail form or subpoena 
  • Be ready when the case is called into the courtroom
  • Remain until the case is called; to do otherwise is a criminal offense

The court does not have child care services; therefore, the only children who should be brought to court are those children involved in the case or whose presence has been requested or required by the court, an attorney or a probation officer

When you enter the courthouse

  • You will be required to pass through metal detectors
  • All cases and purses brought into the building will be screened
  • All Prohibited items must be left outside the Courthouse at home or in your vehicle. 
  • Sheriff’s deputies will not hold or take any responsibility for items left outside the Courthouse. 
  • Turn right and proceed down the hall to the Court Service Unit. 
  • Look for the door marked “Court Services, Probation and Parole.” 
  • Enter and a receptionist will be there to assist you from this point.

Who should come with you to court

  • You should bring any adult witness.
  • You are discouraged from bringing young children with you to court.
    • If you must bring children, please bring an adult to supervise the child while you are in the courtroom. 
  • Avoid bringing anyone who may cause a disturbance during your visit to the Courthouse.

Not allowed in courthouse

The Court prohibits:

  • ANYTHING that could be used as a weapon including but not limited to:
    • Guns
    • Knives
    • Scissors
    • Nail trimmers
    • Knitting needles
  • Food and drink are allowed ONLY IN RESTRICTED AREAS. 
  • No smoking is allowed.