Zoning Process

The zoning application process is designed to help prepare zoning amendment applications for public hearing by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Zoning amendment applications include rezoning, conditional use, conditional use planned development, amendments to prior zoning and utility waiver requests, as described in the county zoning ordinance.

All zoning amendment applications are reviewed by county staff, allowing the application to be reviewed and modified prior to scheduling a public hearing. The zoning process is estimated take a minimum of four months to complete.

Zoning Application Process

Initiate Request

Contact the Planning Department by calling 804-748-1050 to speak to a planner and discuss your zoning proposal. During this call, planners will help identify the need for supporting documentation for your request, which may include a sketch plan of the site showing existing and proposed improvements, a list of proposed uses and any other documentation to provide the scale and extent of the planned uses for the property.