Appeal of Real Estate Assessment

Appeals Process

Property owners should visit Chesterfield Real Estate Assessment Data (READ) or visit the Department of Real Estate Assessments to obtain information regarding assessed values and to review property records for accuracy.

Please call our office at 804-748-1321 or email us to request an appeals application.

Filing Deadline is March 15 at 5 p.m.

Any application that fails to submit the required information by the March 15 deadline will not be processed. 

  • When completing the applications, be sure to include the telephone number where you can be reached between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • If applicable, include up to 3 comparable properties supporting your opinion of value or concerns of equity.
  • If the property is an income-producing property, you must include income and expense statements for the past 3 years and a current rent roll, which must be certified as to their accuracy by the property owner or its duly authorized agent. Exceptions include property producing income solely from the rental of no more than 4 dwelling units and property being used exclusively as an owner-occupied property, not as a hotel, motel or office building over 12,000 square feet, and not engaged in a retail or wholesale business where merchandise for sale is displayed.
  • Any additional information, such as a recent appraisal or photos of the subject property, should also be included.
  • The appraiser may contact you during the review for additional information or to schedule a property inspection.
  • One of the following decisions will result from filing a complete Application: No change in the assessment or correction of the assessment.

Note to Tax Representatives and Agencies

Appealing to the Department of Real Estate Assessments is a prerequisite to appealing to the Board of Equalization. Appeals resulting in a correction or no change in assessment may be appealed to the Board of Equalization.

To represent a property owner on an assessment appeal, the following must be submitted with every application:

  • A notarized Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the property owner that is signed by the property owner, if an individual, or signed by the corporate representatives with authority to bind the owner of the property, if a corporate entity. The LOA must state the tax year, correct property owner name, property address and tax ID.
  • Corporate representatives must provide a copy of the corporate resolution providing authority to act on behalf of the owner to appeal real estate tax assessments.
  • A completed application with all applicable supporting documentation (rent rolls, properly executed and notarized LOA, etc.) must be postmarked or received by the Department of Real Estate Assessments no later than the March 15 deadline.