Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation

In 1991, the Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation was established. The purpose of the foundation is to study of the rich historic and industrial heritage of the Falling Creek area from 1619-1622. Its mission is to preserve, investigate, enhance and interpret the first American Ironworks, the site of the beginning of the iron and steel industry in the New World. The foundation works in a cooperative partnership with Chesterfield County’s Department of Parks and Recreation to manage the site and protect the property. Since 1996, and annual event has been held to commemorate the history of this site.

Chesterfield County acquired Falling Creek Ironworks Park in 1995 with additional parcels in 2004 and 2013 which consists of 14.6 acres. The Falling Creek greenway was acquired in 1994 and 2000 with 82.9 acres. Falling Creek Ironworks Park is one of the parks within the Chesterfield County Parks system and is still under development.

Specific projects and accomplishments that the Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation and Chesterfield County have undertaken include: 

  • A groundbreaking ceremony in 2012 for planned site improvements.
  • Installation of new interpretive signs and new sign kiosk in 2015.
  • Construction of new parking area and clearing of entrance road to north side of creek from Station Road in 2016. There was a dedication event to unveil numerous site improvements in 2016.
  • Installation of new entrance gate, completion of two waysides on the north and south banks of creek, repaving of trail on south side of creek and installation of new park entrance sign at Marina Drive in 2017.