Moore's Brick Cottage

This establishment was an example of the earlier auto camps that were prevalent along Route 1 due to the popularity of the automobile. Shortly after Route 1 was paved in the 1920’s, this was the main highway running from Maine to Florida which led to increased traffic throughout the country.

Moore’s lake cottages became a popular retreat for travelers and flourished during the early to mid-20th century. These cottages constructed in 1929 were either one-, two- or three-room units with single beds. Some of the units were modernized with bathroom additions. Many of the cottages were scattered randomly for rustic effect and nearly 40 in total were built. The charm to these cottages was the fact there was a popular lake on the property with a sandy beach and water slides that was a favorite for the locals along with a dance hall. Eventually a restaurant was added to the property to provide meals to visitors.

Moore’s brick cottages thrived until construction of I-95 took visitors away from Jefferson Davis Highway. With larger hotels and motels along the Interstate to serve travelers, the small motor courts began to experience a decline and eventually went out of business. Many of the buildings drifted into disrepair and eventually the vacation spot was no longer used.