4-H Clubs

Clubs Covering a Wide Variety of Topics and Interests

Chesterfield 4-H offers both general and special interest (SpIn) clubs that cover a wide variety of topics and areas of interest.

4-H General Clubs

4-H membership varies in age based on specific clubs or activities. 4-H offers age categories as follows:

  • Cloverbuds (ages 5-8)
  • Junior Members (ages 9-13)
  • Senior Members (ages 14-18)
  1. Business Brunch (Juniors, Seniors)

Business Bunch (ages 9-18)

  • Project focus varies
  • Community service and leadership opportunities
  • Contact Sarah Gregory at 804-573-4176
  1. Chesterfield Classic Equestrians (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Feathers and Feet - Poultry Club (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Four-Legged Clovers - Horse Club (Cloverbuds, Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Green Clover Kids - Homeschool Club (Cloverbuds, Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Horse Busters 4-H Club (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Lending a Paw - Dog Club (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Sharpshooters Shooting Sports Club (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Teen Leadership Club (Seniors)

4-H SpIn Clubs

A 4-H SpIn (special interest) club is for small groups of young people to learn about a topic of interest in-depth. The SpIn club model provides increased flexibility in when and how long groups meet. Email Chris Allen to register.