4-H Clubs

Clubs Covering a Wide Variety of Topics and Interests

Chesterfield 4-H offers both general and special interest (SpIn) clubs that cover a wide variety of topics and areas of interest.

4-H General Clubs

4-H membership varies in age based on specific clubs or activities. 4-H offers age categories as follows:

  • Cloverbuds (ages 5-8)
  • Junior Members (ages 9-13)
  • Senior Members (ages 14-18)
  1. Business Brunch (Juniors, Seniors)

Business Bunch (ages 9-18)

  1. Chesterfield Classic Equestrians (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Feathers and Feet - Poultry Club (Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Four-Legged Clovers - Horse Club (Cloverbuds, Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Green Clover Kids - Homeschool Club (Cloverbuds, Juniors, Seniors)
  1. Sharpshooters Shooting Sports Club (Juniors, Seniors)

4-H SpIn Clubs

A 4-H SpIn (special interest) club is for small groups of young people to learn about a topic of interest in-depth. The SpIn club model provides increased flexibility in when and how long groups meet.

  1. Farmers Market Youth Vendor Program

Farmers Market Youth Vendor Program

The Farmers Market Youth Vendor Program provides an opportunity for youth that have an active small business that has a product to sell. Youth will be given a spot at the Chesterfield Farmers Market. For more information, contact Chris Allen.

  1. Teen Leadership and Camp Counselors
  1. Winter Craft Camp
  1. Youth Entrepreneur