Development Areas and Projects

Community Enhancement connects the county and our community partners to achieve effective revitalization. Older communities and commercial areas face normal challenges that come with age. These areas need continued maintenance and reinvestment. Revitalization helps maintain the vitality and high quality of life of our older communities countywide. Chesterfield County is committed to create affordable housing opportunities, healthier neighborhoods, and a higher quality of life for low-and-moderate income families.

  1. Ettrick Market Study
  2. Route One Corridor

Ettrick Market Study

This market study will consist of analyses of the study area’s demographics and housing stock; residential market and identification of market opportunities, for both single-family, for-sale homes and for multi-family properties; and retail market and identification of retail market opportunities. The market study will also include recommendations of strategies the county can utilize to maximize the market opportunities identified. The study area for the Ettrick Market Study (PDF) consists of six census block groups:

  • Block Group 6003 represents what will be called the core study area. The core study area includes Chesterfield Avenue and the largely residential neighborhood surrounding Chesterfield Avenue. 
  • Block Group 6002 is comprised almost entirely by the campus of Virginia State University (VSU). Due to the limited number of non-institutional uses within Block Group 6002, Block Group 6002 will be excluded from the demographic and housing stock analysis of this market study. 
  • The remaining four block groups represent the Greater Ettrick Area, located to the north and west of the core study area. 

Ettrick Study