Architecture and Agriculture


Eppington is a unique virtually untouched example of Palladian architecture. It is a one-of-a-kind classroom for architectural historians and most importantly for our school children. A paint analysis was done to determine the different colors of the inside walls of the house down through the ages.Rear view of the main house at Eppington Plantation.

Interior Paint Analysis


Eppington was known for its elaborate gardens. Thomas Jefferson referred to Frances Eppes as the first horticulturist in America.

View the Organic Viticulture Research at Eppington Plantation (PDF), performed by Virginia State University and Virginia Tech. 

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Spring Run Vineyards logoSpring Run Vineyards is a small family owned and operated farm winery in Chesterfield. From 2015-2017, Spring Run Vineyards partnered with Chesterfield County and the Eppington Foundation to manage and maintain the vineyard at Eppington.