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The Employee Excellence webpage recognizes those county employees who ensure that resources and services are available for our residents, businesses and guests through innovative adaptations to processes, integrating new technologies and overall committed efforts and resiliency. Many of these stories are recognized by County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey at the monthly Board of Supervisors meetings for exemplifying everyday excellence in service to the county.

January 2024 Everyday Excellence: Chelsea Judson, David Meadows, Rocherra Richardson and Stephanie Williams

(Mental Health Support Services)

During the Wednesday, Jan. 24 Board of Supervisors meeting, Chesterfield County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey recognized members of the Mental Health Support Services (MHSS) team as the recipients of the January 2024 Everyday Excellence Award for the work they did to help one local family deal with an unexpected crisis.

Chesterfield resident Carolyn Clements spoke to the board about the impact that staff members from MHSS had on her family following the sudden death of her brother-in-law and how the family would find care for his mentally disabled adult son.

MHSS staff members who helped Clements and her family navigate the intricate and complicated path to resolution included Chelsea Judson, David Meadows, Rocherra Richardson and Stephanie Williams,

Following the death of her brother-in-law in November 2022, Clements said she and her husband were left to figure out how to best care for her 48-year old nephew. At that time, he had not been through any testing and was not in a position to receive any services.

“We were very ill prepared to do anything,” she explained. “I’m a pretty strong person and I thought ‘I’ll be able to handle this, I’ll be able to find help for this nephew.’ Boy, was I wrong.”

Fortunately, Clements bumped into Casey in March 2023 at a Chamber of Commerce event and through their conversation was put in touch with MHSS. And it came at a time that she admits she was at her wit’s end.

“The next morning, Mental Health [Support Services] sent me an email that they were going to help me and my husband with our nephew,” Clements recalled. “On the 26th of April, our nephew had his testing done [...] He had to have another round of testing, and that was done quickly, too.”

Once the level of his disability was ascertained, the process moved forward “thanks to these wonderful people here in Chesterfield County” to the point where he was able to find a home where he’s happy and learning something new and doing very well.

Holding the very “road map” that staff members drew for her months ago, Clements lauded the team’s ability to help her family in their time of need and to do so with such care and tenderness.

“We are so fortunate here in Chesterfield County to have each of these [people] to support us,” she said, “and all of the other members who work behind them to help make our lives so much easier. As a taxpayer in Chesterfield County, I’m proud to say that my taxes go to support every single person in their department and all the unfortunate people that need this service. They are so fortunate to have this team to help us."

“I applaud you and I thank you,” Clements added.

“Your hearts are out there and you love our community,” Vice Chair Dr. Mark Miller (Midlothian) said to the team members in attendance. “Thank you all for what you’re doing for the community. It’s a ton of work and you lead with your hearts.”

“I think sometimes it just does take a village and it’s awesome that we have this group of people that can all work together as our village, and help each other as employees as well as our communities, and that we’re so great at reaching out and saying ‘How can we help you?’,” Supervisor Jessica Schneider (Clover Hill) said. “So that’s awesome. Thank you so much.”

For more information, view the Everyday Excellence presentation during the Jan. 24, 2024 Board of Supervisors meeting.

January 2024 Everyday Excellence - Mental Health Support ServicesSeveral staff members from Mental Health Support Services were recognized at the Jan. 24 Board of Supervisors meeting as the recipients of the January 2024 Everyday Excellence Award for all of their hard work in helping one local family receive the help they desperately needed. Team members include, from left to right, David Meadows, Rocherra Richardson, Stephanie Williams, and Chelsea Judson.