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The Employee Excellence webpage recognizes those county employees who ensure that resources and services are available for our residents, businesses and guests through innovative adaptations to processes, integrating new technologies and overall committed efforts and resiliency. Many of these stories are recognized by County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey at the monthly Board of Supervisors meetings for exemplifying everyday excellence in service to the county. 

  1. April Excellence: Special Victims Section (Police)

April 2023 Everyday Excellence: Special Victims Section


During the Wednesday, April 26 Board of Supervisors meeting Chesterfield County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey recognized several members of the Chesterfield Police Department’s Special Victims Section as the recipients of the April 2023 Everyday Excellence Award for all they do to combat human trafficking and protect the residents of the county.

Col. Jeffrey Katz, Chief of Police, introduced several members of the team to the Board of Supervisors. Due to the nature of their work, the names and identities of those team members are being withheld to protect their anonymity.

“It is my distinct privilege and honor to come before you today to recognize some members of our Special Victims Section of the Police Department,” he said, highlighting the work that the personnel within that division do to preserve life and to protect the vulnerable.

The enforcement team runs operations throughout the county in partnership with state and federal agencies in order to curtail human trafficking.

“We talk about the preservation of human life: The lifespan of a trafficked victim is about seven years,” Katz told members of the board. “So you talk about preserving life, that’s certainly what [the team members are] doing. When you’re talking about protecting the vulnerable, you often have people who have substance-abused disorders, they’re being strung out, they’re being pimped, and they’re engaging in sexual activity with people against their will or consent.”

The detectives involved in the Special Victims Section have worked tirelessly to not only find offenders but to set up ways in which the perpetrators of these heinous crimes can be brought to justice.

“This group of individuals […] conduct a variety of stings throughout the year,” Katz explained. “Many of them are internet-based things and they do an exceptional job of identifying people who would prey on the vulnerable and exploit people during their worst times.

“I’m exceptionally proud of the work that they do,” he added. “I don’t want to get into any operational specifics but suffice to say that between this entire group they have I’m sure saved dozens and dozens of lives. For that, I am deeply grateful.”

In thanking them for their service, Chair Kevin Carroll (Matoaca District) said that many people don’t realize the weight of what working these crimes and trying to catch these criminals can have on the detectives involved.

“It really takes a special individual, even in law enforcement, to do what they do,” he said, adding that it’s the role of the board and the county to make sure they have the resources they need to do the work they do.

“Keep up the great work,” Carroll added, “and know that there are people in our community who do pray for you every day and there are people who absolutely appreciate what you do.”

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