Tax Payment Plan Application

Payment Plan Option

Chesterfield County Treasurer’s Office is here to assist in the timely payments of taxes. If you believe you will be unable to pay your Chesterfield County personal property taxes or real estate taxes on time, you may qualify for a tax payment plan through the Treasurer’s Office. Terms and conditions of tax payment plans are determined on a case-by-case basis, but the plans are designed to provide relief to those without sufficient funds to pay the full amount of their tax statements by the tax due date. As required by law, participating in a payment plan does not prevent additional interest and fees from accruing on a taxpayer’s account.

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Stops

Tax payment plans do not release a DMV stop. A DMV stop will not be removed until the accounts are paid in full.

Application Instructions

For questions or assistance completing the application, call 804-748-1201.

  1. Complete the required (*) fields below.
  2. Add any comments you feel are pertinent to your situation.
  3. Submit your application.
  4. You will receive a confirmation notice indicating your application was successfully submitted. Retain this confirmation number for your records.

Allow two business days for a representative from the Treasurer’s Office to respond to your application submission. 

Submitting an application does not guarantee payment plan approval.