Community Facilities and Infrastructure

Planning for Community Facilities and Infrastructure

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is long-range, dynamic  program for capital facilities, infrastructure projects, land acquisition, major studies, and equipment purchases. The CIP identifies project financing capacity while connecting with the County’s Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Plan goals. The CIP is a constant work in progress that is reviewed annually and updated to reflect community priorities, financing options, and ensure the needs of the community are identified now and for the future.

Baxter Perkinson Center for the Arts in ChesterProcess Overview

  • Outreach and Planning
    Kick-starting the annual budget process, each year, the Board of Supervisors, the School Board, and staff work with the community to identify projects which will shape the five-year capital improvement program (CIP) for general government and schools.
  • Project Review and Plan Development
    The county evaluates various project criteria such as critical, time-sensitive, needs, strategic plan alignment, major maintenance issues, public facilities plan alignment, maximizing existing resources (through rebuilds or renovations), eliminating lease space, and community revitalization efforts. While the school division also assesses changes in expected enrollments, academic programs, and facility conditions. In coordination, the Board of Supervisors and the School Board work to determine priorities for new construction, renovations, and other capital facility projects. Projects are prioritized and a five-year plan, including recommended funding, is identified.
  • Plan Approval, Ongoing Project Updates

    Once the Board of Supervisors adopts the CIP, current year projects will receive funding to begin work. Throughout the year, for ongoing projects, including major maintenance, or work that began in a prior year, staff continually monitors and reports out on project updates.