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Committed to Fiscal Stewardship

Maintaining compliance with all financial policies and ratios, conservative management of contracted costs and service agreements, five-year planning projections, and ongoing monitoring of key economic indicators are all ways in which Chesterfield works every day to ensure tax dollars are being used most efficiently.

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Building Strong Communities

Building a strong, resilient community takes time and effort with both public and private efforts working together. Dedicated resources for sidewalk and road projects, special area plans to preserve key gateways and corridors, and the beginnings of an updated zoning ordinance are just a few of the efforts underway to ensure our community remains strong as it grows.

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Exploring Chesterfield

Approximately 437 square miles, Chesterfield is a diverse and vibrant county offering a variety of opportunities to visit historical sites, participate in cultural and educational programming, and explore the outdoors.  

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