Rates and Fees - FY2022

Residential Companion Meter Upcoming Rate Change July 1, 2022

The residential companion meter rate will increase from $620 to $800 effective Friday, July 1, 2022. For more information about residential companion meters, see Residential Companion Meter for Irrigation System or call 804-748-1862.

Visit the FY2023 Rates and Fees webpage for more rates and fees information effective July 1.

To verify specific fee information, always email the Chesterfield County Utilities Department or call us at 804-748-1271.

User Fees

The Chesterfield County Department of Utilities is entirely self-supporting. No county tax dollars are used for any utilities operation. As a result, the Utilities Department depends on revenues generated from system users and new connections. 

Fee Adjustments

Fees for utility services are adjusted periodically to keep revenues in line with operating expenses, to replace aging facilities, and to maintain the highest standards of service. 

Billing Cycle

Customers are billed bimonthly (every two months). Customer, capacity and commodity charges make up the total bimonthly bill. The customer and capacity charges equal the minimum charge for service regardless of the amount of water used. The commodity charges are determined by the metered water volume (amount of water used). 

Calculate Water and Wastewater Bill

For more information about how to calculate your bill, view Calculating Your Water and Wastewater Bill (PDF) or call 804-748-1291.

  1. Charges for Water & Wastewater
  2. Connection Fees
  3. Residential Irrigation Meter

Effective with bills issued on and after July 1, 2021, the consumer shall pay charges for utility service in accordance with these schedules.

a. Bimonthly service charges

The bimonthly service charge shall be:

  1. Customer cost charge. A customer cost charge of $5.08 for each service account. However, customers who have only a water account or a wastewater account shall pay a customer cost charge of $10.16.
  2. Commodity cost charge
    1. Water: $2.25 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)
    2. Wastewater: $2.32 per 100 cubic feet (CCF)
  3. Capacity cost charge

Customer Classes

Customer ClassMeter SizeNumber of ERUs Per UnitWater Bimonthly Capacity ChargeWastewater Bimonthly Capacity Charge
(i)Dwelling, single-family, including townhouses and manufactured homes that are not located in a manufactured-home park5/8-inch1.00$15.90$28.30
(ii)Dwelling, two-family (per unit)5/8-inch1.00$15.90$28.30
(iii)Manufactured homes that are located in a manufactured-home park and multiple-family dwellings other than multiple-family dwellings used exclusively as housing for colleges or universities (per unit)N/A0.85$13.52$24.06
(iv)All other customer classes5/8 and 3/4-inch1.00$15.90$28.30










The capacity cost charge for a dwelling that is served by a meter that is larger than five-eighths inch shall be the capacity cost charge in subsection (a)(3)(iv).

Please note: ERU stands for Equivalent Residential Unit: A unit established by the director as a benchmark for comparing utility demands that are generated by different classes of customers.

b. Ancillary charges

Ancillary ChargeTypeCharge
(1)Portable Water Meter Deposit
(2)Bacteriological Test for New Construction, Per Test
(3)Meter testing charges





(v)Meters larger than two inchesCharged the actual cost of the test
(4)Temporary Voluntary Meter Disconnection Fee
Customer cost charge plus capacity costs charge for each billing period of disconnection, plus service re-connection fee
(5)Strong waste surchargeBOD Surcharge Rate (RBOD)$0.24 per pound

TSS Surcharge Rate (RTSS)$0.23 per pound

TN Surcharge Rate (RTN)$1.49 per pound

TP Surcharge Rate (RTP)$4.59 per pound
(6)Septage dumping charge
$50.00 per 1,000 gallons

c. The water volume for residential consumers who are connected to the wastewater system but not to the water system shall be 0.296 hundred cubic feet per day. Non-residential consumers who are connected to the wastewater system but not to the water system shall install a private meter approved by the director. The volume shall be based on the private meter reading.

d. A consumer who has paid a connection fee shall pay the monthly service charge and ancillary charges, irrespective of whether the consumer is actually receiving utility service.

e. Significant industrial users shall pay a surcharge for the cost of treating excessive strength waste or pollutants in accordance with article IV.

f. When a water meter is tested at the consumer's request and the test establishes that the meter is inaccurate according to industry standards (AWWA C700a-91, section 3.8, Registration Accuracy) the consumer shall not be assessed the meter testing charge.