Fire and Life Safety

The Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, and Assistant Fire Marshals are given the duty to:

  • Develop future codes that address fire safety
  • Enforce state and county fire codes
  • Investigate fires, explosions, and hazardous materials releases
  • Regulate the following:
    • Blasting and explosive storage
    • Fireworks
    • Open burning
    • Propane tank exchange

The Fire and Life Safety Division creates methods to reduce the number of personal injuries and fires.


  • Building inspections
  • Fire investigations
  • Review construction and fire protection system plans
  • Safety education programs


  • Maintain civilian injuries per 100 fires below five for the year
  • Maintain a comprehensive inspection program that targets high risk buildings and populations
  • Maintain the number of fires per 1,000 population below 10
  • Maintain total estimated property loss under five percent of property value
  • Present fire safety programs and information concerning cooking related fires and smoke detectors
  • Prevent injuries, deaths, and property damage
  • Provide accident prevention and education programs at various levels of our school system
  • Provide quality plan review in 10 days or less for most commercial and multi-family properties
  • Provide technical support to emergency operations personnel by identifying and targeting priority fire hazards