Police Officer Hiring Process Volunteers

Help CCPD Select Future Officers

At the Chesterfield County Police Department (CCPD), we are a part of our community, not apart from it. In this spirit, we are inviting members of our community to help us select future Chesterfield County Police officers. 

Our new Police Officer Hiring Process volunteers will join command staff members at the table and participate in panel interviews of police officer applicants. These Level-1 volunteers will also review final background investigation summary reports to provide recommendations for hire. They will have a voice in the final recommendation of a given applicant's viability for the police officer position.

If you've considered volunteering with the Chesterfield County Police Department, this is an excellent opportunity.  You will help us ensure we are hiring top-tier talent in order to best serve our flourishing Chesterfield County community.

Level-1 Volunteer

Key steps to becoming an authorized Level-1 Volunteer for the police officer hiring process:

  • Email Sr. Human Resource Analyst S. King to get the process started.
  • Complete and return (electronically or physically) the Background Investigation Packet, the Rules of Confidentiality, and the Volunteer Assumption of Risk form, which you will receive via email.
  • Upon review of the information you provide, you will either be scheduled for a background interview with a police personnel background detective or receive notification that you are not eligible to proceed in the process.
  • Complete a polygraph examination.
  • Complete a panel interview with department command staff members.
  • Complete a psychological evaluation.
  • Final file is reviewed by the chain of command up through the Chief of Police.

Background Checks

The following checks will be conducted if you proceed to the background investigation phase:

  • Driver’s transcripts
  • NCIC/VCIN check
  • CCRE/FBI fingerprint check
  • Virginia Department of Social Services/Child Protective Services search (VA residents only – past and present)
  • Check of databases available to law enforcement 
  • Financial records check, to include bank account history and credit report
  • Employment reference check on the applicant for the past seven years, as well as relevant work history. Applicants will provide a complete work history in their packet
  • Personal reference check – six references are initially provided by the applicant
  • Neighbor reference check – three references are initially provided by the applicant
  • Landlord check, past and present – names are provided by the applicant
  • DD214, if applicable
  • High school transcripts or GED certificate