Smoke Alarm Program

Smoke Alarm Safety

All smoke alarms in your house should be tested once a month and batteries should be replaced annually. Read more about smoke alarm safety from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The purpose of the Smoke Alarm Program for Chesterfield residents is to ensure a minimum of one working smoke alarm exists on each occupied level of a home. If smoke alarms are needed at your home, Chesterfield Fire and EMS will provide and install them at no charge.

Fire and EMS personnel are not able to repair or replace hardwired smoke alarms. A certified electrician will be needed for hardwired smoke alarms. A battery-powered smoke alarm can be installed to provide temporary protection.

Schedule a Visit

To schedule a Smoke Alarm Program visit, complete the smoke alarm request form and then you will receive a phone call to schedule a date and time.

For questions, contact Fire and Life Safety by email or call 804-748-1426.

Smoke Alarm Request Form