Advanced Metering

Chesterfield Utilities is excited to announce the advanced metering project, which will assist in upgrading current technology, improving services, providing customers with more ways to manage water use, improving operational efficiency and enhancing environmental stewardship.

How Advanced Metering Works

Infrastructure, such as water and wastewater lines, pumps and water meters, that are used to provide water and wastewater service must be replaced or repaired periodically to ensure they are working efficiently. The advanced metering project will provide either new water meters with electronic endpoints or will retrofit existing water meters with electronic endpoints that will communicate meter readings via cellular networks for more efficient reading of the meters. The project will improve services to homes and businesses throughout our service area.

Benefits of Advanced Metering

The resulting improved communications and data will enhance customer engagement, improve customer service and support the county’s goal to demonstrate excellence in public service with a commitment to fiscal stewardship and efficient use of resources. To support these goals, this project will enable Chesterfield Utilities to provide customers with near real-time water usage and alerts for high consumption that will help avoid unexpected high bills. It also will allow customers, if they choose, to track and manage water usage through an online portal.

What to Expect During Your Meter Upgrade

Throughout the implementation of the advanced metering project, Chesterfield Utilities will continue to provide safe, reliable water and wastewater service. Customers will be contacted prior to their new meter being installed and should experience minimal service interruptions during installation and testing. As the project progresses, updates will continue to be provided. View a video on what to expect during your meter upgrade.

  • Work will be done by installers wearing uniforms with Utility Partners of America (UPA) company badges. Vehicles will be marked with the UPA logo.
  • Most work will be done Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Water interruption is expected to last less than 30 minutes.
  • A UPA installer will leave a door hanger with information regarding your meter upgrade.

Advanced meters will be installed over a two-to-three year period, beginning October 2021. View the Advanced Metering Schedule map for more information. To search a specific address, click the search button (magnifying glass) and type the address. You can also zoom into a neighborhood and select a specific residence by clicking it.

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