Fall Line Trail

Project Background 

FLTThe Fall Line Trail (FLT) is a regional multi-use trail that was conceptualized in 2019. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) conducted a study to determine an alignment for a 40-mile regional trail. The final report was published by VDOT in the Winter of 2020, outlining the preferred corridor from Ashland to Petersburg. The trail system was then renamed to reflect the natural and geographic character of the region – The Fall Line Trail. The Trolley Line Trail in Ashland, VA was the first segment of the FLT This trail led to the idea of expanding the system into a multi-jurisdictional trail system.

Fall Line Trail Map  Opens in new windowThe FLT was established to "connect the dots" of active transportation networks taking shape in the greater Richmond region. Several sections of the trail already existed or were planned in localities’ comprehensive and special area plans, including the

  • Ashland Trolley Line Trail in Ashland (existing)
  • Chester Linear Park in Chesterfield
  • Trolley Line Connector in Henrico (planned)
  • Brook Road protected bike lanes in Richmond

A natural corridor for a long-distance trail began to emerge that would provide opportunities for active transportation, recreation, and economic development.

Chesterfield Alignment

ThFALL LINE TRAIL 3JUN20211024_1e Chesterfield alignment of the FLT is designed to be nearly 19 miles long and will be constructed in multiple phases. The corridor will begin at the City of Richmond border on Route 1 to the north, and will terminate at the Virginia State University campus to the south. Users of the trail will enjoy both urban and rural parts of the county, and will experience some of the most historic parts of Chesterfield such as the historic Route 1 Corridor and the Virginia State University campus.

Fall Line Trail Phasing

Chesterfield County Transportation Department is developing a phasing plan for the entire Chesterfield alignment of the FLT. Please contact the Transportation Department for current FLT projects.

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