Streetlight Program

Reporting a Streetlight Outage

The majority of streetlights in Chesterfield County are owned by Dominion Energy. To report an outage, it is best to contact them directly and supply information that will help identify the pole requiring service. Outages can be reported to Dominion directly by calling 866-366-4357 or visiting Dominion's streetlight outage reporting website. Before reporting the outage, please note both the pole number and the nearest address.

Installing a Streetlight in an Existing Neighborhood

Streetlights can be added to existing residential neighborhoods if they are approved by the Board of Supervisors. The request process ensures that lights are installed in a manner that is economical and fair to the neighborhoods and residents across Chesterfield County. For information about streetlights for new subdivisions, visit Environmental Engineering's streetlights page.

Complete an Application

Neighborhoods complete and submit a streetlight application (PDF). The county will review the application for completeness and may contact the applicant(s) if there are any follow-up questions. Key elements of the application include:

  • The desired location of the light. If possible, lights should be placed on existing utility poles or otherwise in the public right of way and should be more than 200 feet from an existing streetlight.
  • A signed petition that includes 75% of all property owners that are within 200 feet of the light’s proposed location.
  • Selection of a pole and light style.

County Provided with Design

The supplying utility for the neighborhood (usually Dominion Energy or Southside Electric Cooperative) will provide the county with basic design and a price for the installation of the light.

Application Review by Board of Supervisors

At the next available meeting, the Board of Supervisors evaluates streetlight applications and approves or denies expenditure of funds for the installation.


If the Board of Supervisors approves the request, the county will contract the supplying utility to install the light. The installation time will be based on a number of factors that include parts supply, weather, complexity of the project and construction crew availability. Project completion can range anywhere from 6-12 months.