Courtroom Technology

All courtrooms have one document camera and are equipped with audio/visual (A/V) screen-sharing display technology accessible via one of the following mechanisms: 

  • HDMI cable
  • “ClickShare” wireless presentation system
    •  To access ClickShare in the courtroom, devices must have either HDMI cable connectivity or have downloaded the ClickShare app
  • “Digitalinx Secure Adapter Ring (DL-AR)” 
    • The DL-AR allows a single HDMI cable to accommodate many, but not all, popular devices. One adapter ring is in each courtroom. 
    • The Court does NOT provide computers, laptops, tablets, or any other device necessary for the presentation of digital evidence by parties.
    • The Court is NOT responsible for ensuring connectivity of your device to the courtroom display technology; attorneys/parties shall be responsible for ensuring operation and compatibility of their equipment with courtroom display technology. 
    • Testing prior to trial date is encouraged; attorneys should utilize the attorney workroom before requesting use of a vacant courtroom (room #2141, main courthouse, second floor; see Sheriff’s Office for access). 
    • Court staff may not be able to accommodate short-notice requests for technical assistance with courtroom technology.