Upper Magnolia Green Rezoning Project

In December 2020, the Chesterfield County Economic Development Authority purchased the Upper Magnolia Green property to pursue future economic development opportunities. Read the full news release regarding the acquisition. Currently, the entirety of the property is zoned Residential (R-9), part of the overall Magnolia Green zoning that was approved in 1991 (case 89SN0343 (PDF)). This current zoning allows a mix of commercial and residential uses on the Upper Magnolia tract.

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Current Zoning Cases and Project Timeline

In September 2021, the Board of Supervisors initiated rezoning of +/-1,850 acres of Residential (R-9) property know as Upper Magnolia Green. In October 2021, the Board added another +/-589 acres of abutting Agricultural (A) property to the Upper Magnolia Green rezoning project. 

A rezoning for the Upper Magnolia Green property is desired, roughly 2,428 acres, split into two companion rezoning cases that are separated by the planned extension of Powhite Parkway. The western rezoning case, 21SN0676, seeks to change the zoning to support a technology village campus with employment generating uses. The eastern rezoning case, 21SN0675, is intended to consist of single family residential development, along with needed public facilities for the larger western area, including several school sites.

Proposed Upper Magnolia Green Zoning Boundaries per Cases 21SN0675 and 21SN0676

Submit Comments and Feedback

We always welcome input and would appreciate any feedback you have. Since the county is undertaking the rezoning of this property itself, citizens and stakeholders are encouraged to provide input as to what the appropriate use of this property should be. 

Email Planning Zoning or call 804-748-1050 if you have additional questions.