Risk Management

Evaluating and Controlling Operational and Organizational Risks

The Department of Risk Management assures effective and sustainable management systems are implemented across Chesterfield County Government and Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) to identify, evaluate and control operational and organizational risks to minimize potential loss and liabilities associated with our operations and activities.

We actively participate in helping to create a workplace culture where we protect our people, students and citizens, are responsible stewards of the environment and manage operational risks to minimize loss and liabilities. We provide effective levels of protection, risk sharing strategies and claims administration to sustain the ability to provide critical community services and responsibly manage our financial obligations and responsibilities.

Risk Management services include:

  • Management of the county and schools' comprehensive risk management plan and programs including: administration of the self-insurance internal service fund, brokered excess insurance coverages, negotiation of insurance policies and leadership of the environmental, health and safety (EHS) management system.
  • EHS professional consultation, guidance to help manage operational risks, prevent and minimize loss, and assure regulatory compliance.
  • Assessment of risk, recommendation of targeted improvement activities and implementation of operational controls.
  • Provision of training in risk management principles and EHS requirements.
  • Claims administration for workers compensation, auto, general, property and professional liability.

Environmental Management and Guidance

The Environmental, Health and Safety division of Risk Management is responsible for guiding environmental compliance and stewardship activities throughout the county and schools. The county-wide EHS management system has been developed using ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 framework as the template for continuous environmental and safety improvement.

There are many ways our citizens can help make Chesterfield an environmentally friendly place to live. By participating in the following environmental best practices, we all can make a positive difference:

Energy Conservation

  • Use power saving features on electronic devices
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Unplug chargers and other cables when not in use
  • Carpool or ride your bike to your destinations