Day of Election

June 2022 Primary Elections

Chesterfield County will not conduct primary elections. The congressional candidates are unopposed in their district. View the list of qualified candidates for the June 21, 2022, primary elections.

View the 10 Tips to Enhance your voting experience (PDF).

When to Vote

See upcoming election dates.

Where to Vote

Absentee/Early Voting (45 days before each election):

Election Day: Find your polling place.

What is Needed to Vote

Virginia law requires you to show one acceptable Identification (PDF) to vote. Note that your DMV license may be used at any time. Virginia law permits an expired DMV license to be used for voting purposes.

Ways to Vote

  • Absentee in-person or by mail: Begins 45 days prior to an election.
  • Accessible: The ExpressVote is typically used as an accessible voting device.
  • Assisted: A designated person to help cast your vote.
  • Curbside: For use by anyone 65 years of age and older or anyone with a disability.
  • In-Person: At any time during the 45 day absentee voting period or at your designated polling place on election day.