Be Election Ready!

View the 10 tips to enhance your voting experience (PDF).

View the voter pocket guide (PDF) for the June 20, 2023, Primary Elections.

Election Myths

View Voter Education: Mythbusters and learn the facts.

Update Voter Registration Information

If you move, always keep your address up to date. This will ensure you are eligible to vote in the next election. Visit the Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal to review, change your voter registration information, or to apply to vote absentee by mail.

When to Vote

See upcoming election dates.

Where to Vote

Absentee/Early Voting (45 days before each election):

Election Day: Find your polling place.

What is Needed to Vote

Virginia law requires you to show one acceptable Identification (PDF) to vote. Note that your DMV license may be used at any time. Virginia law permits an expired DMV license to be used for voting purposes.

Ways to Vote

  • Absentee in-person or by mail: Begins 45 days prior to an election.
  • Accessible: The ExpressVote is typically used as an accessible voting device.
  • Assisted: A designated person to help cast your vote.
  • Curbside: For use by anyone 65 years of age and older or anyone with a disability.
  • In-Person: At any time during the 45 day absentee voting period or at your designated polling place on election day.
  1. Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting 

Absentee by Mail voters now may choose to receive an absentee ballot for one election or all future elections. Absentee voting begins 45 days prior to the election.

Absentee and Early Voting

Find out more information regarding absentee/early voting from the Virginia Department of Elections.

Applying to Vote Absentee by Mail

Ballots will not be mailed until 45 days before each election.

Virginia Permanent Absentee Voter Single Election Change Form (PDF): This form is only for those who have selected the Permanent Absentee Option on the Virginia Absentee Ballot Application Form. Use this form to change where your ballot is sent for one election, change the political party primary ballot you receive for one election, or change the political party primary ballot you receive for all primary elections.

Request to cancel an Absentee Ballot Application (PDF): This form is if you submitted the application in error or you have changed your mind to vote by mail and want to vote in person.

For Our Military and Overseas

Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) for voting assistance for Uniformed Service members, their families and citizens residing outside the U.S.

Application Instructions

  • Please be sure to answer every question and sign the application.
  • Return the completed application before the application deadline (11 days preceding the election by 5 p.m.).
  • After the Registrar’s Office receives the application and processes it, a ballot will be mailed to the mailing address provided on the application no more than 45 days before the election.

Voting the Vote by Mail Ballot

Upon receiving the ballot, carefully review the Instructions for Voting an Absentee Ballot (PDF).

Witness Required: According to Virginia Code § 24.2-707, a witness is required to be present when marking a vote by mail ballot and the witness is required to sign the Statement of Voter on the Ballot Envelope B.

Return the ballot to the Registrar's Office by 7 p.m. the day of the election by:

  • Mail (USPS) - Track your absentee ballot online.
  • Commercial Delivery Service (DHL, Federal Express, UPS) 
  • In-person/Ballot Dropbox (No need to wait in line to drop your ballot in the designated drop box)
    • Registrar's Office (9848 Lori Rd, Chesterfield, VA 23832)
    • Satellite locations (General Elections only at this time)
    • Your Precinct

Contact the General Registrar’s Office with any questions by calling 804-748-1471.

  1. Accessible Voting
  1. Early Voting