Adult, Family and Children's Services

Services Focused on Assisting Adults, Families and Children

The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services offers several programs and services which assist adults, families and children.

  1. Adoption Programs

Adoption Programs

Adoption programs focus on providing permanent homes for those children in the custody of the agency who are unable to be reunited with their birth families and whose parents' parental rights have been terminated by the court. The program provides supervision and complete home studies, when ordered by the court, in stepparent and parental placement adoptions. Social Services partners with the Children's Home Society is a local adoption agency, who recruits, trains and completes home studies for prospective adoptive parents. For additional information, please contact the adoption program supervisor at 804-748-1926.

Adoption Searches

Social Services also conducts searches on behalf of adult adoptees, over the age of 18, whose adoption was finalized in Chesterfield County or the City of Colonial Heights. These searches are initiated upon the submission of an application for disclosure to the Virginia Department of Social Services. For further information, please call:


  1. Adult Protective Services
  1. Christmas Mother Program
  1. Child Protective Services
  1. Companion Services
  1. Foster Care and Resource Parents
  1. Foster Care Prevention
  1. Independent Living
  1. Long Term Care - Adults
  1. Long Term Care - Children