Sheriff's Office


Our mission is to enhance public safety by providing a safe court environment, service of legal documents and comprehensive care of offenders through professional and unbiased performance.

Our Goals and Objectives

In order to fulfill our vision: "to fully support and foster Chesterfield County’s efforts to be an extraordinary and innovative community in which to live, work and play" we consistently strive to achieve the following: 
  • Enhance safety of the community
  • Enhance support and respect of citizens by serving with pride, professionalism and integrity and by treating everyone fairly and equally regardless of race, religion, color, creed, national origin or sexual preference
  • Maintain a qualified, diverse and professional workforce that is our most valued resource in accomplishing our mission
  • Promote and maintain an innovative and efficient organization
  • Serve as the benchmark for all that is right in public service

Our Responsibilities

  • Maintain security for the county jail
  • Maintain security for the county courts
  • Serve various legal papers throughout the county

Though all Sheriffs Deputies maintain and use arrest authority, the Chesterfield County Police Department is the agency responsible for the majority of criminal investigations, as well as traffic enforcement and patrol duties in the county.

Community Policing Act Notice

Effective July 1, 2020, the Virginia Department of State Police, Uniform Crime Reporting Unit began the collection of investigatory stop data based on the creation of the Community Policing Act. Data collected from our agency can be viewed on the Virginia Open Data Portal.

Who Are We?

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