Court Operations

Contact Information

  • Circuit Court Clerk’s Office: 804-748-1241
  • Civil Process: 804-751-4412
  • Commonwealth's Attorney: 804-748-1221
  • General District & Circuit Security Desk: 804-751-4714
  • General District Court Clerk Office: 804-748-1231
  • Juvenile and Domestic Relations Security Desk: 804-706-2515
  • Sheriff’s Office: 804-748-1261
  • Victim / Witness Office: 804-796-7087

Warrants & Most Wanted

  1. Court Security
  2. Civil Process

Court Security is one of the primary responsibilities of this section. Deputies not only provides for the safe detention of those inmates within the courthouse awaiting trial. They also:

  • Actively patrol the grounds and interior of both courthouses
  • Screen individuals entering the courthouse for items prohibited from entering the courthouse including:
    • Bullets
    • Cell Phones
    • Guns
    • Knives
  • Monitor all court proceedings constantly for potential problems. The deputies:
    • are also very knowledgeable about the functions of the various agencies within the courthouses and how they interact
    • are available to assist citizens during their visit to the courthouse


Escorts on the courthouse grounds are provided upon request and initiated by deputies when deemed necessary for security reasons.