Inmate Programs

  1. In-Jail Work Programs
  2. Alternative Sentencing
  3. In-Jail Recovery Programs


This a program that allows sentenced inmates to shorten the amount of time they spend in the jail by working on county or state property. Participants must be physically capable to perform manual labor as duties may include:

  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Trash pick-up
  • Other maintenance duties

Background Check & Medical Exam

Prospective participants will be subject to a background check and medical examination.

Qualifying for the Program

Persons with a prior history of escape, sex crimes, drug distribution or other violent crimes may not qualify for this program.

Workforce Types

  • Inmate Workforce: Five crews working to clean up the highways, County historical sites, courthouses, fairgrounds, and the parks. The County has estimated that this one effort of inmate-performed work provides an annual saving of more than $250,000. This program also provides emergency cleanup during natural disasters (i.e. Hurricane Floyd).
  • Weekender Workforce: A program for non-violent offenders who receive weekend time. This saves the county money by performing cleanup jobs at the schools. This program keeps costs down by not having to house the offenders at the jail.