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The Proactis WebProcure Support Center is available by email or phone at 866-889-8533.

Procurement Information

For more information regarding Procurement policies and procedures, the commodities directory, or surplus, visit the Procurement page

Receipt of Bids/Proposals

In-Person Delivery: Hand delivered bids/proposals will be received at 9901 Lori Road, Lane B. Ramsey Building in the lobby. Bids/Proposals should be clearly identified on the outside of the package as designated in the solicitation. Bidders/Offerors should allow extra time for receipt of the bid/proposal.

Bids/Proposals via Carrier (i.e. USPS, FedEx, UPS): All carrier deliveries will be accepted in the Lane B. Ramsey Building Lobby. Bids/Proposals should be addressed/labeled as designated in the solicitation.

Bid Openings

Bids will be received until, but no later than the specified time and date of the opening as designated in the invitation for Bid. Bid openings will be held virtually via a live meeting which is accessible to the public: Chesterfield County Virtual Bid Openings

Please allow up to five minutes after the specified due date/time for the live bid opening to begin.


PInG is the new e-procurement system Chesterfield County is transitioning to for soliciting quotes, bids and proposals.

Phase I is now live and includes the posting and electronic notification of all Chesterfield County solicitations. Postings are now available under the Solicitations tab. Posting of Sole Source and Emergency contracts are now available under the Contracts tab. During Phase I, electronic submissions will only be accepted for Request for Quotes (labeled as RFQ). All other solicitation types (labeled as ADMN) shall be submitted in accordance with the solicitation submission instructions within the solicitation document.

Disclaimer: Information obtained on this web site is provided solely as a convenience to potential Bidders and Offerors, and such Bidders and Offerors assume all risks associated with using this site. Additionally, by downloading the solicitations contained herein you hereby agree not to alter the contents of the document in any way. Electronic responses will not be accepted for IFBs and RFPs. Further, by downloading the IFB or RFP documents from this site, you agree that you are responsible for obtaining any addenda that may be issued.

As noted, some IFBs or RFPs must be obtained directly from the Architect or Engineer.

The bid tabulations posted represent the information read aloud and recorded at the public bid opening. The County has not checked the bids for errors, or made any determinations that the bids meet all requirements. In the case of a discrepancy between information on this site, and the original hard-copy document, the original hard-copy document shall prevail.

Any Awards that are identified with “*Decisions to Award” will be presented to the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors and/or School Board at an upcoming meeting where the board will be requested to confirm the decision to award and award a contract.

Any bidder or offeror who desires to inspect the solicitation file may do so by contacting the Purchasing Department.