Applications and Processes

Submit an Application

To submit any Planning applications, please use the Enterprise Land Management (ELM) citizen access portal. View more information about the functions of the ELM Portal.


View the Fees Specified by Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances for Certain Applications or Requests (PDF)

Plans Review Process

The plans review processes include review and recommendations for development site plans (major or minor) and subdivisions (commercial and residential) requests. Additionally, building permits and certificates of occupancy are reviewed.

Site Plan Review - Major and Minor

Planning reviews and makes recommendations relating to development site plans (major or minor).

Subdivision Review

Planning reviews and makes recommendations relating to subdivisions (commercial and residential) requests. The subdivision processes serve to legally subdivide property in Chesterfield County. The processes include amended plats, family subdivisions, line modifications, lot subdivisions, residential parcel subdivisions and validated plats.

Zoning Process

The zoning application process is designed to help prepare zoning amendment applications for public hearing by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Zoning amendment applications include rezoning , conditional use, conditional use planned development, amendments to prior zoning and utility waiver requests, as described in the county zoning ordinance.

All zoning amendment applications are reviewed by county staff and by allowing the application to be reviewed and modified prior to scheduling a public hearing. The zoning process is estimated take a minimum of four months to complete.

Administrative Variance Process

An administrative variance is an exception granted by the Planning director from any building setback requirement. This may include exceptions to setbacks for existing or proposed structures. Administrative variances are evaluated for a specified hardship as outlined by the county zoning ordinance.

Board of Zoning Appeals Processes

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is a citizen board appointed by the Circuit Court to hear petition requests for manufactured home permits, special exceptions and variances. The BZA also hears appeals from Planning director decisions regarding administrative variances or the interpretation of the county zoning ordinance.