Service Contact Directory

Adult Outpatient
Emergency Mental Health Services
Doug Bilski
Phone: 804-717-6646
Email Doug Bilski

Adult Substance Abuse
Kristen Van De Riet
Phone: 804-717-6746
Email Kristen Van De Riet

Assertive Community Treatment Team
Mike Hartsock, LCSW
Phone: 804-748-1223
Email Mike Hartsock

Chester House
Wanda Reese, LCSW
Phone: 804-318-8263
Email Wanda Reese

Developmental Disabilities
Chesterfield Employment Services
Phil Nussbaum
Phone: 804-706-2827
Email Phil Nussbaum

Developmental Disabilities
Day Support Services
Cil Hurd
Phone: 804-318-8819
Email Cil Hurd

Developmental Disabilities
Service Coordination
Jessica R. Charters, M.Ed.
Phone: 804-768-7242
Email Jessica R. Charters

Families First
Intake Coordinator
Ami Gilliam
Phone: 804-318-8653
Email Intake Coordinator

Infant and Toddler Connection of Chesterfield
Leslie Pakula
Phone: 804-768-7205
Email Leslie Pakula

Medical Services (Psychiatry)
Maria Angela Catolico, MD
Phone: 804-748-1227
Email Maria Angela Catolico

Permanent Supportive Housing
Adam Seehaver
Email Adam Seehaver

Prevention Services
Melissa Ackley, LCSW
Phone: 804-706-2010
Email Melissa Ackley

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
Karen Bowker, LPC
Phone: 804-717-6644
Email Karen Bowker

Residential Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Dedra Mills
Phone: 804-318-8841
Email Dedra Mills